Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Spring Equinox

Blossom blow and bee hum
Daffs full grow and Sun is
Too warm for my scarf
March once again has the last laugh

Time with friends
At the waters' edge
Red Spring and White
Harness stillness and wild energy

Goodbye Winter and welcome to
The phat part of the year
In the heart of
Goddess country

For Annie and Nic xxx

Written whilst listening to

More milk
by The Penguin Cafe Orchestra

For One Shot Wednesday at the One Stop Poetry site- take a look!


  1. Sounds and looks like things have gotten nice out for you...I do hope to be enjoying such things soon myself. The poetic muse cries out for it! But here in Michigan, the weather seems determined to still cling to frost...guess we didn't get the spring memo.

    Thanks for sharing the spring visual with us though!

  2. Nice gentle drinks with friends at the bank of the river (Thames I'm guessing) remember being stuck in Kingston upon thames and drinking pimms outside the bishop I think it was called that in July watched the jolly ho's going back and forth. Really reminded me of a better time. Thanks x

  3. smiles. the coming of spring is such a beautiful time of year a great celebration of the return of the goddess in full beauty...

  4. "Goddess country" - I love that! The poem brings on a sense of serenity & overall calmness!

    & I love how we've both mentioned how we no longer need a scarf and how winter has ended!