Sunday, 31 July 2011

I've started so I'll finish

This epic hurdle race
Monumental hoop jump spree
I have three hurdles
One hoop and, finally free,
A cork to pop

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

"Success" By Christina Cassie

No need to wake or write,
No need to count down the time

Writing hand can finally rest,
Now only to hope we’ve achieved our best

Success, success,
All stressed to achieve success

But who gets to judge who’s done best?
How do you define success?
Married with babies?
The fact you can buy new breasts?

Does the louder sound of Kerchiiing
Equal the amount of happiness it brings?

Or is success measured by the amount you smile?
Even if you have to count your coins for awhile,

Should it be defined by your laughter and friends?
Rather than the bigger house, the sports car, the amount you spend,

So before you decide what job to get,
Make sure you know your own definition of “success”

Tuesday, 12 July 2011


Written by James Christopher Sheppard

And I say stop
Stop your drinking and stop your thinking.
Stop your smoking and stop your over capacitated need to complain.

This six-foot hole
will swallow you whole, no sign of the apocalyptic end
or even the celebration of continuation.

But if you stopped
what would you do? If not now, when?
Let the alcohol drown your blood or the tar crack your lung?

If I say stop
will it matter anyway? That hole is just a foot in front
Laying in wait for it’s feeding.

So if I stopped
what would I become without? If I sold all my belongings,
took my passport and left, would I find my real life after all?

The hole will gape always,
but you can creep away so long as you come back.
You can’t escape your destiny, which is that hole.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

"Egotistical Moron" By Christina Cassie

You’re so damn egotistical
Your ignorance is inexorable
No cure in the pharmaceutical
To love you is impossible

Too much self esteem
With you, it’s always “me, me me”
No-body else is as keen
Competition makes you green

Too much focus on your reputation
You cause your own ejaculation
You’re gorgeous, that’s no exaggeration
What do you want - a congratulations?

Too self absorbed
The weakness you enforced
Not needed to be reinforced
You and your ego need a swift divorce

You’re so damn egotistical
Your ignorance is inexorable
No cure in the pharmaceutical
To love you is impossible

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Manipura Four

The ego has landed
Like shit in a sandwich

The outside looks harmless
The filling is charmless

A perceived slight is
Fuel for narcissistic spite

You’re a humour free bore
Show ego the door

Written whilst listening to 'Can't Cheat Karma' by Zounds

Manipura is number four in a series of poems exploring the solar plexus chakra which I am writing throughout the course of this year. Others can be found at Lucyfurleaps Blogspot and the Lucyfurleaps poetry blog.

For One Shot Wednesday at the One Stop Poetry site

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

"The Unnamed Memory of Spring" By Christina Cassie

The sun glistens,
A hint of cold is clasped in the air,
The fear of bee stings arises once again

Too cold for a strapless,
Too hot for wellies, gloves or scarfs,
Lawn mowers retire from sheds and finally cut the grass

Unlock the windows,
Remove duvets from the bed,
It’s official, winter is once again dead

Moments like this casts me back to a time when
Daffodils were scattered on the pavement
We once strolled upon as friends

You seemed so surprised
I knew your number off by heart
But you were the one I rang most in the summer that last past

Shadows are cast through the waves of the trees
Moving via the sweet spring but not yet summer breeze,
So easily could I drift off to the peaceful brushing of the leaves

The glow, the wind, the colours of spring,
Our park time meetings start reminiscing,
That specific bench in which we carved our names in

Where we delved into each-other hearts
Dissected each-others minds
Discovering our pasts, our dreams, our hopes and our red lies

Spring brings one name to my lips,
Your name, my old young friend,
Into oblivion our memories will never descend

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Spring Equinox

Blossom blow and bee hum
Daffs full grow and Sun is
Too warm for my scarf
March once again has the last laugh

Time with friends
At the waters' edge
Red Spring and White
Harness stillness and wild energy

Goodbye Winter and welcome to
The phat part of the year
In the heart of
Goddess country

For Annie and Nic xxx

Written whilst listening to

More milk
by The Penguin Cafe Orchestra

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