Wednesday, 23 February 2011

"Sleep Deprivation" By Christina Cassie

I tap my legs down one at a time
I turn my pillow over to the cold side
I shut my eyes hoping I’ll naturally drift off
But alas, I’m only kidding myself

Make another trip to the bathroom
This time, in a zombie-fied state,
My legs are so damn tired that
Even they are giving way

Seventy-five pages in and eyes still aren’t tiring
I can’t take anything in because
I’m too tired to be concentrating

IPod’s been playing for over two hours
I’m so hungry; I could do with some fruit sours
Is that dripping coming from the sink or the shower?

I can’t switch off!
I can’t switch off!

I make a list of things to do before I die
One - Swim with dolphins
Two – Fly through the sky
Three – SLEEP!
If I was living on a farm
I’d go and count the sheep

I’ve popped a Nightol
I’ve drunk malt Horlicks
How difficult is it to catch some sleep?

Oh great, now the birds are singing
The sun is already rising?
Whose dog is that fucking barking?

Its six thirty already?
What the hell is wrong with me?
All I want to do is sleep

I’m so tired
I’m so tired
I’m so…
I’m so…



Tuesday, 8 February 2011

While You Sleep

This brain flits from one poetry idea to the next
Look at my timetable and the date of my test
I tick off my reading list for the day
Fold the clean laundry and put it away

Come across my silver and amber ring
Plan my visit to the Museum of Everything
Work out what time I need to catch the train
To Chalk Farm and cross my fingers for no rain

Debate whether to buy the rare book I borrowed
Remember to buy a battery for Charlie Robot clock tomorrow
And buy a tube of your preferred toothpaste
Brush my teeth with the one you don’t like so it’s not a waste

You sleep soundly and dream
I plan and hope and scheme
My head is a basket full of promise
Held by a girl in a red hood

This is for One Shot Wednesday at the One Stop Poetry web site

Monday, 7 February 2011

'Battle' by James Christopher Sheppard

You could take me to a place never imagined,
Or present me with the greatest love affair as you have before.
I can fall in love under your spell,
Just as I can fuel hatred.
I’ve never flown, despite trying,
but I’ve driven through a war engulfed San Francisco with my mother more than once.
I started smoking because of you
and had my heart fucked with,
time after time.
I’ve seen things a teen should never have to see, but I lived it,
Because you made me.

I yearn for you,
But I never know where you will take me.
You are the unpredictable trouble maker
that sometimes makes the class laugh,
But sometimes bullies the disabled child
who already knows his chances of being loved are
ten times
lower than the boy he sits next to.
I know that I need you
and sometimes I try to give myself to you, but can’t let go.
I can’t keep my mind from protesting,
marching loudly from every direction,
‘you will not sleep’.

Friday, 4 February 2011


Sleep is my water
Fatigue is thirst
Insomnia is drought
But equally –
A good night’s sleep
Makes the sun come out