Tuesday, 8 February 2011

While You Sleep

This brain flits from one poetry idea to the next
Look at my timetable and the date of my test
I tick off my reading list for the day
Fold the clean laundry and put it away

Come across my silver and amber ring
Plan my visit to the Museum of Everything
Work out what time I need to catch the train
To Chalk Farm and cross my fingers for no rain

Debate whether to buy the rare book I borrowed
Remember to buy a battery for Charlie Robot clock tomorrow
And buy a tube of your preferred toothpaste
Brush my teeth with the one you don’t like so it’s not a waste

You sleep soundly and dream
I plan and hope and scheme
My head is a basket full of promise
Held by a girl in a red hood

This is for One Shot Wednesday at the One Stop Poetry web site


  1. The "Museum of Everything" for those with eclectic tastes!

  2. Wanting to find if there's a place like this near me. The girl in the red hood at the end implies a fairytale feel and that there may be more to this poem ;)

  3. The Museum of Everything...it's a busy place, with long lines daily. Crowded joint, to be sure...

    Quick but thoughtful, flitting as the thoughts in one's own mind - I see not another person in this, but the subconscious, flitting through ideas and dreams as the conscious sleeps. Always running, always scheming...interesting ending image as well. Dreams of little red?

  4. nice play off of red...just hope the wolf isnt waiting at grammas house...smiles. as soon as my head hits the pillow the brain starts rambling...

  5. ahhh and the things that happen when we dream little Red ...

    nicely don't for One Shot

  6. A nice slice of life captured through poetic lines.

  7. Wonderful rhyme my love. I am hopeless as conveying what I mean in such a structure, but you do it beautifully. The whirlwind mind that never stops. Nicely done love. :) x

  8. A great verse... and plan for the night.. I enjoyed these words a lot...
    'You sleep soundly and dream
    I plan and hope and scheme'
    Last line was the icing...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  9. Thsoe last lines sound like she's got you in a headlock - LOL! Nice, fun little ditty!

  10. As I read this, I was nodding along in agreement. Love this!

  11. I liked this too. I felt the sorting going on, the balancing act, the reality vs. imagination and where and when to shift. Good one. Gay @beachanny

  12. Thank you so much for all the great comments! I have been running around in pursuit of other poetry writing opportunities so just been able to see these. The Museum of Everything is actually what it says, and is based in Primrose Hill, London but only til Sunday! I will be writing about it at some point. Now to look at everyone else's poems :-) xx http://www.museumofeverything.com/

  13. Again, luuurve the last stanza Lucy, especially the line - My head is a basket full of promise - beautiful metaphor!

    I like how you depict things every person does sometime in their life - laundry, checking train times...etc, which makes the poem really relatable to practically everyone!

    & of curse, love the rhymes :) X

  14. Gentle little things, very nice.

  15. Busy, busy... Such is the life of a mom.

    Love this: "My head is a basket full of promise/
    Held by a girl in a red hood."

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog. I really appreciate it.

  16. Good lead-up, exemplary end stanza.

  17. "My head is a basket full of promise
    Held by a girl in a red hood"

    great reversal and I liked the sound of it too...