Monday, 17 January 2011

"Thoughts that Derive from The Drunken Aftermath" By Christina Cassie

It is true,
There are times I can't handle my drink
But hasn't everyone forgotten what they said?
And exactly what they did?
Shouldn't everyone be forgiven
For their innocent but wild behaviour?
But then I see his face
And that's when I think-
Could he think his dream girl is too embarassing to be seen with?

Is it possible that instead of realising
That I've finally been freed of caring
About what everyone else watching thinks,
He thinks - "That's a girl I don't want to be with"
Would he prefer someone more tame, quiet and pristine?
A girl who will tag along and
Never have her head in the sink?

Knickers may be on show from another drunken fall
But believe in me, I do know
Wrong from Right and Right from Wrong
The same girl who, when drunk and sober
Only wants you to be the one to call
And tell you, You're the one that freed her,
You're the reason she no longer feels so insecure

Yet the mind questions
If these harmless drunken actions
Are things you'll be ashamed of?
Or if you will laugh and see the innocent fun?
The type that helped you fall in love,
To a girl who hangs off a chandilier
A girl with several straight and gay boys near
A girl whose not afraid to strike a pose
A girl who desperately hopes you'll always love, never loathe


  1. It sounds to me that you are a fabulous drunk that worries too much. ;) Great poem babe. x

  2. The third verse made me smile, then it got deep. This poem has a good balance of that. I love the idea of this blog, a team is much then tryna motivate yourself to write something every now n then lol.

  3. Thanks so much for the comments guys, & for your analysis Denzel!!!

  4. Ta very much Marinela! Next poem should be up soon ;) X